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Buttock Augmentation in Maryland and Washington DC

In buttock augmentation, or enlargement, volume is added to enhance the appearance of the buttocks. This is usually achieved using either specially made implants or occasionally with the patient's own fat. Women who desire this surgery fall into two main groups. First are those that have developed drooping and loss of Buttock Augmentation | Maryland | Washington DCvolume in the buttocks following aging and/or pregnancy. The other group include those women who feel that their buttocks do not have the prominence that they desire. This is often times affected by cultural factors. Male patients also will request buttock augmentation to help give a more youthful and muscular appearance. Implants give the widest variety of sizes and shapes that can be used to augment the buttocks. This augmentation is in the upper portion of the buttock itself. For enhancement in the lower portion of the buttock a patient's own fat can be harvested from another area of the body and injected into it.

Buttock augmentation is performed in a hospital or outpatient surgery center. Most patients will be released home after the surgery. The patient will experience a varying amount of discomfort for the first one to two weeks. They will be carefully instructed in medications and preparations to be made at home to help enhance their recovery. Most patients will take approximately two weeks off from work depending on whether fat or implants are used. The incision that is used is hidden nicely at the area between the top of the buttocks. These incisions are not visible even when wearing the smallest of bathing attire. As with any other implant procedure the final result will not be appreciated for at least six weeks following the surgery. When a patient decides upon this procedure, they are often put in contact with a patient that has previously undergone the same procedure. This is helpful in getting the patient's perspective of what to expect following the surgery.

Who is a candidate for buttock augmentation?

Buttock augmentation can enhance the natural curves for patients who are unhappy with the shape of their rear ends. It can also add volume and roundness to a flat or small butt for patients seeking a more balanced body profile. Body-builders may seek buttock augmentation if they are unable to develop gluteal muscles in proportion with the rest of their bodies. Generally, if you are looking for a fuller, curvier butt, buttock augmentation may be for you.

Implants vs. Fat Transfer

The preferred method for performing buttock augmentation is fat transfer, the use of the patient's own body fat to reshape the butt. Fat injection achieves a more natural result, has a lower risk of infection, and also contours the areas around the buttocks to enhance the overall effect. However, implants may be recommended for patients who have very little body fat to harvest, such as body-builders and naturally thin patients.

Buttock Augmentation with Fat Transfer ("Brazilian Butt Lift")

Buttock augmentation with fat transfer, also known as the Brazil Butt Lift in honor of the country in which it was developed, involves two steps. First, the patient's own fat is collected through liposuction. The most popular areas for liposuction before buttock augmentation are the lower back, waist, flanks (love handles), thighs and stomach. This not only provides the raw material for buttock enhancement, it also contours the areas around the butt for a more dramatic result. The liposuctioned fat is then purified in a special process so that the best fat is ready to be reintroduced to the body.

In the second step, the donor fat is added to the buttocks with hundreds of tiny injections at different depths to ensure an even, attractive augmentation. This method of fat injection lends a shapely contour to the buttocks that lasts a long time. Special attention is given to the upper buttocks so the entire rear looks youthfully and naturally lifted.

Buttock Augmentation with Silicone Implants

Buttock implants come in a variety of shapes and sizes to best fit each patient's body type and desired goal. They are made of soft silicone, which provides a firm, smooth and natural feel. They are placed away from important nerves as well as the bony area on which you sit. The upper and outer regions of the butt become rounder and firmer once the implants are in place. The procedure takes about two hours and is performed under general anesthesia. Incisions are made inconspicuously in the depression between the buttocks.


After buttock augmentation with fat transfer or silicone implants, patients should avoid sitting directly on the buttocks or lying on their backs for two to three weeks to maximize results. During this time, compression garments may be worn to reduce swelling. Patients may experience some pain or discomfort, bruising and swelling after the procedure. Most patients return to work two weeks after their buttock augmentation and are able to resume all normal activities within four weeks. Swelling typically dissipates by the sixth week.

Side Effects

As with any surgery, there are risks to buttock augmentation with fat transfer or silicone implants. These include infection, bleeding, reaction to the anesthesia, and damage to nerves or muscles. One or both buttock implants may shift after they have been placed. Occasionally, a repeat operation is necessary to achieve the desired results.


When performed by an experienced surgeon using the proper techniques, buttock augmentation is a highly satisfying and permanent procedure that enhances the profile of the buttocks and surrounding areas for a younger, firmer, curvier look.

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